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Working with
land managers

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Improving access through gates
Accessible picnic bench
Removing obstacles from paths


Accessible gate

Often paths and tracks can be made more accessible to mobility scooters with a few simple changes. 

Gates: Does the gate need to be there?

           Is the gate wide enough?

           Can the gate be opened from both sides?

           Can the latch be reached from a mobility scooter?

Paths: Does a small gully or bank need to be there?

           Can a pile of stones be removed?

Bridges: Is the bridge wide enough for a scooter?

If you manage land on Dartmoor and would like the WAGs to discuss access with you, please email

There is more information about this at

WAGs have assisted land managers to:

  • Worked with DNPA to develop the Miles Without Stiles routes

  • Improve paths at Haytor, Bellever Forest, Princetown, Yarner Wood and Burrator Arboretum

  • Improve the leat crossing at Merrivale

  • Replace gates at Haytor, Princetown and Yarner Wood

  • Improve the bridge access at Fernworthy Forest

We have worked with:

  • Dartmoor National Park Authority

  • Forestry England

  • Dartmoor Local Access Forum

  • National Trust

  • Woodland Trust

  • Natural England

  • SW Lakes

  • SW Coast Footpath Association


Accessible crossings over ditches and waterways
Unlocking gates
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